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Author, Cancer Survivorship Coach, Personal Trainer

200 HYT, Cancer Exercise Specialist

Embracing Life Once Again

Author, Cancer Survivorship Coach, Personal Trainer
200 HYT, Cancer Exercise Specialist
Hi, I am Casey! I know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. I am a 3x cancer survivor and founder of A Happier Healthier You, a program that helps women navigate the new normal of post cancer. I teach women how to navigate the new normal free from anxiety, worry and fear that you will relapse. I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on February 14, 2014. I was immediately hospitalized and began my two year long chemotherapy protocol.

Toward the end of 2015 just seven weeks after my protocol ended, I relapsed. I was hospitalized again for over 60 days, where I had to write a letter of compassion to the FDA to release an immunotherapy that wasn’t even for my cancer. Once approved, it actually got me into remission for a stem cell transplant in 2016. Unfortunately, I relapsed about six month later. Another round of immunotherapy and it did the trick. I have been in remission since late 2016.

After all this cancer left me broken and beaten down not just physically but emotionally and mentally. I wasn’t feeling grateful for just being alive.

I feel like that is a default prize.

Just being alive wasn’t enough for me and it should just be enough for you either.

Cancer had finally broken my spirit. I was trying to just go back to as normal as best I could, back to working over 40 hours a week, 2+ hour commute everyday stressed out, completely miserable but thinking “i survived cancer this should be easy” but I was frustrated I wasn’t feeling grateful or like I had just beat cancer, I felt frankly the complete opposite-. I felt broken beat up and exhausted. I was full of guilt, fear and anger. I thought if I just went back into my normal life as quickly as possible that it would be ok. I felt like I was failing at surviving cancer...

I remember one time I was sitting there talking to my customer Allen on the phone and listening to him complain about something that didn’t matter. I lost it. I couldn’t handle the mundane nuances of normal anymore because to me it didn’t matter, when all I kept saying during treatment was I just wish it was normal. I can’t wait to complain about dumb stuff again. But there I was getting exactly what I wanted and I was snapping on people for it. Hating every minute of my life.

That’s why after driving home from work one day, I ended up crying hysterically on the kitchen floor having a full blown meltdown. I locked myself in the bathroom, wanting to just end it all.

My husband broke the bathroom door down. Because my husband didn’t know what to do or how to help, he called my dad and his mom. Both came over ASAP.

I was so embarrassed to be so strong during cancer but failing at survivorship. I really didn’t want to feel like that anymore. I wasn’t happy. My own personal disdain for my body and my life was starting to really affect my relationships. I took it out on myself. I took it out on my husband in fits of anger and emotion. I yelled at my dad, screaming for someone to just help me. My mental state was affecting my family and friends.

That night I just knew something had to give. I had no other choice but to figure it out, because I wasn’t going to make it otherwise.

And that’s where the real work began. I thought going through cancer treatment was going to be the hardest part but I was wrong. I didn’t realize that after treatment was the hardest work I would have to do.

Figuring out how exactly to live life again was extremely difficult. I had no idea where to start or how to go about survivorship. There are no protocols or programs to follow. So, I become absolutely obsessed with thriving after surviving cancer. I dove in, trying everything and anything to see if it would help me navigate this new normal.

From my own journey I found my passion, which is to help women that were once where I was prior to cancer rebuild their strength, gain the emotional resilience to navigate the new normal, mentally give the tools needed to thrive post cancer treatment. Using movement as the catalyst for change to propel the healing process so you can live your best life without the fear, worry or anxiety that potential relapse brings with it.

I just want to share all my knowledge that I have to empower you to live your best life but physically, emotionally and mentally stronger, so you can take back your control.

My Book

I wrote an interactive book to help guide you through survivorship. Once treatment ends and the celebrations die down, you are left to figure out how to navigate the new normal that life has in store for you.

From my experience of trying to figure it out alone, hopefully, this serves as a roadmap to getting your life back on track.

Survivorship is challenging, but it doesn't have to be. With this book to help guide you will you heal and recover from treatment.

Each chapter has room to write in the book. You are journaling your answers to help you find your way back to your heart center.

The Happier Hustle

You can purchase this on Amazon below:

Please reach out if you have questions or read it.