The Happier Hustle

Cancer Survivorship can be confusing. How do I even start to move forward in my new normal?

I want to help empower woman cancer survivors to be physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger after beating cancer so they can take back control of their life and to find the happiness in joy every single day.

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The reality of what I had just endured to be a 3x survivor, hit me like I just ran into a wall.

Riddled with fear and anxiety that it was going to come back again.

Cancer Survivorship to me was confusing.

Cancer treatment ended, now what?
Where do I go for information?
How do I start to heal?
How do I build back strength?
How do I just go back to "normal"?

That's why I became obsessed with figuring out how to navigate this "new normal". I am on a mission to empower women that cancer survivorship doesn't have to be hard.

That if you are struggling with how to live again in your new normal, I get that because I’ve been there.

And I’ve got your back. You’re at the right place.

Surviving cancer and all of the treatment is a feat in and of itself. Something that you should be really proud of and celebrated. I know when I completed treatment, my friend and family all celebrated. It was a long battle for years.

But then the reality started to sink; how do I embrace life again. I tried desperately to go back to the new normal.

​I had to figure out how to rebuild my strength.

Lose the weight from all the treatment and steroids (hello extra 30+ lbs)

​That's why I became obsessed with figuring out how to:

Rebuild my strength

Reconnect with my mind and body

Reduce my anxiety

Reduce my fear of recurrence.

​Now I want nothing more than to share with you everything that I have learned through my journey with you. Here are a few freebies to get you started.

The Happier Hustle

“I felt that I was at the lowest point in my life post cancer and I felt like I was struggling just to get up and function on a daily basis. I wanted to commit wholeheartedly because I knew that I had people that needed me and loved me, but they couldn’t help me, I had to do it myself (with your guidance obviously).”

-Heather, AML Thriver

The Happier Hustle

“At the end of the course I REALLY felt like a new "ME" !! Not the old me but a NEW ME ! What a difference ! Mentally, I felt steady in my mind of who I am now, where I came from and where I am headed. I felt so much stronger physically to actually have productive days without having to take a rest nap moment during the day. I felt full of positivity and vision to what I would like to do with the coming times without it feeling overwhelming. I feel a sense of calm now too, not feeling anxious about the "what if's" and focusing on the here and now before me.”

-Vani, Breast Cancer Thriver

The Happier Hustle

“At the end of the program I feel stronger physically. I have learned balance, time blocking, morning and evening routines, all which help me complete more activities and do not leave me feeling exhausted at the end of the day. I am more emotionally strong to handle the ups and downs of life. I have mantras, breathe work, vision boards, goals, mini goals, happy dances and movement to get guide me and assist me in bringing myself back to center when I start to feel emotionally unstable. Mentally I feel stronger, more capable and confidence than prior to taking the course. Spiritually I know that I am meant to be here, I am meant to survive and I am meant to Thrive and seeing just how much of a Thriver I am.”

-Kelly, Breast Cancer Thriver

The Happier Hustle

“Coming into the course I felt overwhelmed, tired, lost and didn’t like the person I had become since going through Cancer. Now, I have made HUGE progress in getting closer to my old self with a few new adjustments. I feel like I am actually living life again after 7 years!”

-Tami, Breast Cancer Thriver

The Happier Hustle

 “I am still growing and learning, but Casey’s program taught me how to live my life each day so I am in the best shape should the cancer ever return. I learned the “whys“ I do what I do, and I connected to my body again. Little by little, day by day, I’m stronger, healthier and happier. There were definitely times I wanted to give up, but her gentle encouragement and the support of other survivors always kept me moving forward. And trust me, if you stick to it, you will change, you’ll find new friends along the way and you’ll be glad you did.”

-Claire, Ovarian Cancer Thriver

The Happier Hustle

“I wanted to return to my new normal life. But I could not do it myself. I knew I needed the tools to do this. Casey showed me how.”

-Maureen, Chrondroblastic Osteosarcoma Thriver